Meet Jordan

Jordan has been a proud resident of Spotsylvania County since 2002. He graduated from Riverbend High School in 2008. While pursuing his education at Christopher Newport University, he discovered his true passion for serving his country and enlisted in the United States Air Force. During his time with the Air Force, Jordan served as an Aircrew Egress System Journeyman. His responsibilities included maintaining ejection seats, canopies, and hatches, explosive components, electro-explosive devices, subsystems and the related support equipment required for aircraft egress systems. Jordan’s leadership skills proved invaluable while he trained other young airmen to follow technical orders and procedures necessary to ensure pilot safety during flight operations. His team’s work ensured that pilots could safely eject from aircraft in case of emergencies so that they could return home to their loved ones unharmed.

After serving in the Air Force, he returned to Spotsylvania with a purpose: to raise his children in the county that he cherished. Now, he is a proud father of four, three of whom are currently enrolled in local schools at all three levels. His youngest child will join them when she’s old enough. Combining his mechanical expertise with his passion for automotive repair, Jordan earned his Automotive Service of Excellence certifications and launched his own business eight years ago. Today, he continues to provide innovative repair solutions to the community and has cultivated a team of talented professionals who share his values of leadership, confidence, and top-quality service delivery.

Over the past six seasons, Jordan has devoted countless hours to our local little league as a volunteer. His valuable contribution extends far beyond teaching the game; he imparts invaluable life skills to both parents and kids alike. Drawing from his experience serving in the Air Force and owning a business, Jordan instills leadership, teamwork, integrity, confidence, and pride into many of our students. It is incredible to witness how many of the athletes he coached have grown over time and now play for the county high school teams. Jordan’s unwavering dedication to our community’s youth has provided them with the skills they need to become future leaders of this great country.

Jordan has cultivated strong relationships with his children’s teachers and is a dedicated volunteer at local schools. Through these experiences, he has gained insight into the needs of both students and educators that have been neglected for too long. As a parent of four children, Jordan is deeply invested in ensuring that our school systems reach the same level of accreditation he enjoyed during his own education. He is committed to expanding his involvement with students and teachers alike, working toward making Spotsylvania a model of educational excellence – an achievable goal he knows we can reach together.