Dear residents of the Chancellor district,

My name is Jordan Lynch, I have been a resident of Spotsylvania County for almost 20 years. As a proud Spotsylvania County School System graduate, I am thrilled that my children have the opportunity to attend the same schools that helped shape me into who I am today. The success of our schools is something that I am personally invested in, as three of my children are currently enrolled at various levels throughout the county, with one more eagerly awaiting her turn to be a part of this excellent school system when she’s old enough.

To ensure our schools succeed, we need to focus on what’s truly important. It is imperative to work collaboratively to provide our schools with the resources they need for success, including properly allocated funding and competitive compensation for our teachers. By doing so, we can help ensure that Spotsylvania County School System becomes a beacon of educational excellence in our community.

Ensuring the success of future generations requires equipping children with the tools and resources necessary for their growth. This includes providing support and care to our teachers and staff who play a critical role in preparing the next generation of future leaders of our great nation. Without these dedicated professionals, who will educate our children and guide them towards a brighter tomorrow?

We must prioritize the safety and security of our schools. A safe learning environment is vital for our teachers and students to thrive. We must work closely with local law enforcement to devise a comprehensive plan that equips our schools with the necessary resources, personnel, and equipment to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. Together, we can achieve this goal and create a safer future for our education system.

Our first step in improving education for our students must come from a thorough analysis of our budgetary needs. We can no longer afford wasteful spending and must redirect those funds towards the competitive compensation of our teachers and the provision of essential classroom resources. To maintain and attract talented educators, we must prioritize retention efforts while also seeking out promising candidates externally. Our focus should be on fostering achievement for both students and teachers alike, ensuring that our school system once again can be recognized among the highest accredited institutions in the state.

At this critical juncture, we must decide whether to sustain the current failing status quo or unite to invest in our children’s future. Partisanship and cultural rifts must not influence our decisions. Instead, it is imperative that we join hands for the sake of our students, parents, and educators, all of whom are relying on us to work together and raise the standard of education in this county. Let us choose wisely and collaborate toward a brighter tomorrow.


Jordan Lynch

Providing Local Schools with the Resources for Success

Prioritize Safety & Security

Properly Allocating Funding

Competitive Compensation & Support for Teachers

Improving School Accreditations & Standards

Make Spotsylvania A Model of Educational Excellence

Creating A Brighter Tomorrow


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